Gunner and Callie

I just finished your book. Hard to read because it opens holes in my heart. After losing my Gunner and Callie I vowed never to own a dog again…just too painful. I started working at the shelter because I enjoy working with dogs. Yep, you guessed it, I now have two shelter dogs that are the best dogs in the world! It gives me great pleasure to help people find the right dog…a match made in heaven, as you know. It also tears my heart when a decision has to be made to euthanize. A young pup came in, hit by car, serious injuries…there was not a choice. Even when we don’t know the animal it hurts. We experience the same feelings you did…we don’t want to be God…we don’t want to determine the day of death. It is just a job that has to be done. Thanks for the book, its a gem


Emily from OH