i had gotten a shih tzu named gizmo when he was 6 weeks olds in 1990 he weigh 3 lbs 2 ozs a little guy he was the love of my life besides my 2 sons and husband.he was such a joy.he died in my arms on feb 4th 2005 he was 15 yrs old and he suffered a stroke he couldnot eat or drink he fought to live but i prayed to God to please take him because i could not do it myself to take him to the vet.i carried that dog every where i went and and God answered my prayer


Gizmo died in my arms he took his last breath in my arms 3 days after he had the stroke.my heart broke i cried and nothing matter to me.he was my baby i would come home from work and cook him hotdogs and eggs at 2 am.and he loved to take walks he would wait for me.hes buried in my backyard under his dogs house.i have angels surrounding it with a cross. i have gotten another dog the same kind a shih tzu and his name is also gizmo and he helpled heal my broken heart.


So yes dogs love us no matter what.i know one day i will be with him again when i cross over that rainbow bridge where he waits for me he will meet me there.God love you Mark for letting us express our pain in our hearts.thank you


Lynda from OH