I recieved Rescuing Sprite for Christmas. My husband knows how I love to read animal stories. I cried through most of the book, but could not put it down. I always thought that no one loved their dogs as much as I did and do, but I am very wrong. Mark and his family do.


I had a wonder dog, Ginger for three years ten months and nine days. She was very ill when we adopted her and needed two major surgeries just to servive. We had a few real good years with her and she was the light of our lives. She became ill again and there was nothing that could be done and we had to put her to sleep seven weeks later. I was distrought over her lose, yet adpoted only a few days later. I think I was in shock at the time. Well Sallie Ann is now 10 years old, we got her at 1 1/2 years. She was abused and had some issues but has turned out great. She accepted another dog into our home nearly six years ago now. He is our boy Luke. I can’t explain what a joy he is.


Last year in Oct. we found out he had cancer and ended up having his left front leg amputated. I was so afraid I was going to lose him. it is over a year now and he is doing OK. Having a handicapped dog isn’t easy, but we would have it no other way. I want to thank Mark for writing this book and it is through tears now writing this about the everlasting love I have for my dogs that they really are a special gift from GOD. I hope that in Heaven God will recreate those special animals that were so much of our life here on earth, except this time they will be in perfect heath forever and always with us. Those who have never loved a dog or cat have really missed out on the extaordinary love they give to us.


Donna from PA