Our first Dachshund Fritz 6.5 yrs had back problems which although treated well with prednisone, had bad side effects, leading to his being put down (found out later that a 2nd drug was needed to preclude coliis). So a month later got a rescue dog Kirby, part Dachshund, part terrier, to resolve the hole in our lives. He’s very good at consuming our attention, a very popular dog in the neighborhood, our close companion….


Peter from MN


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  1. Debra Burger Says:

    Hi Peter,
    Fritz is really adorable and I am very sorry for the loss of your first daschound. I am wondering if the second drug you mentioned was Pepcid AC along with the prednisone? I am asking because I do have a dog that is on Pred. occasionally and I always give pepcid 1/2 hour before the steroid. Most people don’t know that all dogs that have a long body are prone to disc disease. It is an awful disease and unfortunately, you can wake up one day and the love of your life is paralyzed.
    I no longer let any of my animals that have long backs jump off the furniture and thank God there are lots of success stories on the internet with conventional treatment.
    Many Blessings to you and your family