Mark, I’ve just finished reading your book and although I don’t always agree with your politics, loving animals isn’t limited to any party. I lost a dog last Sept., her name was Foxy and she was the most gentle spirit ever put here. We have another dog, Ziggy and they were raised together. Zig is 16 and has the same symptoms as Sprite. When we lost Foxy it was especially hard on him but we’ve since adopted another dog who was rescued from a puppy mill. She has helped him alot but we know the time is drawing near for us to make a decision. I’m only hoping he’ll let us know when its the right time.


When we had to put Foxy down, we knew it was right since she had a very rare and incurable skin cancer. One of the things that helped me was going to Best Friends in Kanobe, Utah. It is the most amazing place and when you leave you just feel the animals have a wonderful home whether they’re adopted or not. You might want to go on their website Bestfriends.org and read about the wonderful animals and the people that care for them. If you visit, you’ll find such peace in the mountains. Hange in there, it gets a little better. I always say animals don’t live as long so that we may give love to another.


Chris from TX