Fella, Trooper

Hi Mark, I have just finished reading Rescuing Sprite. My husband gave it to me for Christmas. It is a wonderful book. I know what you and your family been going through. I have lost many dogs over the years, but two of them were very special to our family. One of the dogs was a Dachsund mix named Fella. He died at the age of 15 from diabetes and kidney failure. The other dog was a Terrior/Spitz mix who died from liver failure. He had arthritis and was given Rimadyl. They told us the medicine had destroyed his liver. He was 18 when he died. We had to have them both put to sleep. This is the hardest thing anyone can do, but I think this shows how much a person loves their pet when they decide not to let them suffer anymore. I know it is hard, but you will always have the memories of Sprite like I have of Fella and Trooper. I have a Brittany/Border Collie mix that I rescued when she was a puppy. Her name is Brittany and she is now 8 years old. At the age of 3 she had some seizures but the Vet did not think it was serious. She now has arthritis and atrophy. She has good days and bad, but still loves to go out for long walks. She is real special to me because I got her three months before another of my dogs a Dachsund named Heidi died from old age. Brittany alerted me to the fact my breathing was not right one night and I later found out that I have asthma. I thank God daily for all of my pets. I also have two Beagles that are 2 years old. They are a female named Ginger and a male named Einstein. God Bless you and your family for caring about animals the way you do. I wish more people cared about dogs and realized that dogs are a good companion and for all and that they help us to heal when we are sick. Again God Bless You and thank you for sharing your story. Keep us informed on Pepsi and Griffin.

Debra from TX