Dear Mark,

I was very touched by “Rescuing Sprite”. I have been fortunate enough to share my adult life with dogs-most of which were rescues. I can relate to how you felt when you lost Sprite. I recently had to put an elderly rescue dog to sleep because of a progressive neurological illness. Towards the end of his life, I carried him downstairs several times a day, so he could relieve himslef on pads as I held him. He was blind and deaf by then. He ate well, and barked when he wanted me( I carried him around the apartment.) I was afraid I wouldn’t know when the time was right to let him go. Like you, I second guessed myself for a long time.

I read your book in one sitting. I ended up with tears of sympathy and empathy.
the only thing worse than losing them would be never having had them in our lives at all.
i’m glad that you were able to adopt Griffin.
All the best to you and your family.

Barbara from NY