Duke, Jake, Bo

Mark, just finished your book about Sprite, loved it and felt your loss as i ‘am now on my 3rd rescued dog. I lost my Duke in 1995 and then got Jake and lost him in 2006 and now we have “Bo”, Bo is a 2yr old yellow lab. He was tied up all the time and never allowed in the house, no vet. care and was going to be put down. i found him at the shelter here and we brought him home. He came in the house-babtised my flowers and was afraid of everything from the dishwasher to the doorbell.

He has been with is now for a year and is so loved and gives us so much love everyday. We have a downs snydrome son who lives with us and Bo just seems to know that when todd walks him he has to be gentle . He follows me all around everywhere i go and loves to sit up close and be petted. We took him to obedience school and he took 2nd place.He just seems to know how much we love him and what a good home he has to live in. He travels with us and loves to go in the van for rides.

I’m positive we were supposed to adopt Bo as in all my serches on the internet i kept comming back to our local shelter and there he was so went to see him and the rest is history. God Love the Dogs.

Jan from MI