My story is not unlike so many that is written here. As a child growning up my family always had cats. But when I got out on my own my roommate was a yellow Lab. I got him as a puppy. At first I could not think of a name for him. But after several days of being with him I decided on Doozer. He loved to dig holes. Doozer and I went ecrywhere together. When I came home from work There he would be sitting at the end of the walkway waiting for me. He knew what time I would be home everyday. after threes years I found out that Doozer had stomach cancer. Through out his fight Doozer never wavered. Never got mad, Anytime someone came to visit he would come running to meet them. He stayed by myside all the time we watched tv together, walked meet new people in parks together. 6 months ago I laid m,y best friend to rest. The day I took him to the vet it was like he knew. He laid his head on my leg as I drove him to the vet. Before the vet gave him the needle Doozer nodged me with his nose and licked my hand and face. then it was over.

Mark I have been a big fan of yours I caught u one sunday night on WABC on my car radio. I started to listen to you on line. When your book came out I could not find it here. So I drove to Bangor, Maine to a Borders and bought two copies. one for me and one for my aunt who has gone througth this truma several times. It was about 300 honred mile to get your book but brother it was worth every mile. Thank you.

David from Nova Scotia

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  1. alice compel Says:

    your story was very touching, trully but where is
    the photo do you have one if so please post it