I bought 4 books. One for me and one for each of my children who all have dogs. I read Rescuing Sprite in two sittings. I could not put it down.  Much of what was written was if I had written it. Except my dog DOOS, a German Short Hair was healthy until the last year of his life. I had him put down the same time of day as Mark did. I drove DOOS to the vet during my lunch hour on purpose because I had to put a time limit on me to do this. ( I am crying right now as I tell you this even though it was 15 years ago)

Doos always knew when I was coming home I would turn the corner a block away and he would start to bark and run around the window. All of you know how a dog reacts when you greet them. I was never alone when home or any where I could take DOOS. He was content to have a paw over my foot, chin on my shoulder in the car. He had to touch me somewhere if we were sitting together. Unconditional love at the highest level. To Mark- the book deeply touched me. I have only had the opportunity to listen to the show since I got serius radio. When we seek to develop pure love, & filled with charity we can & will then serve others. Mark this is you. You love us as your listeners as your family I thank you for your stand against the godless people who claim to be so concerned about us & our rights. Thanks Mark We all love you

Bill from ID