DJ, Bama, Sunny

I have three dogs – DJ – a jack russell/corgi mix – he is now 14, deaf and has cushings disease -(a disease which causes the liver to overproduce hormones)
Bama (Alabama) a 14 year old female chocolate lab. She has just finished her 2nd round of chemo for lymph node cancer and Sunny, our 8 years old yorki/terrier mix who was found in a rainstorm in Fla.
My DJ is now deaf because of the cushings and has a large hump on his right side due to the over production of hormones. He has had three leg surgeries and lost a toe to cancer – but he is the sweetest and most wonderful animal.He loves women.
Our bama has survived not one but two rounds of cancer – one in the throat, which is extremely rare for dogs and her lymph nodes. Our days are numbered with her as well – and Sunny – is my sweet little prince who loves to bark and chase Bama and DJ to make them move.

Mark, there is no greater joy in my life (other than my husband and children) then to come home and be with my best friends. I know my days are numbered and I thank my lucky stars every day that I am able to give so much love and receive so much joy from my animals.

Thank you for allowing us multi pet owners to receive some praise instead of remarks like
“why don’t you just put the dog down if she has cancer” or “how ridiculous that dog looks with that hump”
May God Bless all his children that believe animals have hearts, and souls and can change a person’s reason for living.


Donna from TX