Dewy, Overholt, Banacos, Overholt, and Bear Dew

I just read your book on Sprite , Pepsi, and Griffen. and I LOVED it. Your entire family loves really hard. I have so many memories of my Bruce Springsteen (Dewy) Overholt, Bianca (Banacos) Overholt, and Keli (Bear Dew) Overhokt. I loved them soooo much and I too kissed every part of their bodies to pieces. I still can feel them. My husband brings home strays like crazyi and I am talking cows, llama’s, cats, you name it. We love hard too! We always laugh at the fact that we “own” a wing at our vets office. It is very true that you can measure a human being by the love he gives his animals. I remember when I was little, even seeing road kill, killed me and I use to put y mom and dad over the edge everytime I saw a dead animal. I also remember calling the cops to tell them I was going to have to kill my ex-husband if he did not give me my dog back so they followed me there and made him return my dog! I think back all those years ago. I am 47 and some of it is hiarious to me now! Thank you Mark for letting me see you this way, I have a whole new out-look because you are and your family very kind people and your Sprite loved you more than life it’s self. Sometimes I would think you were a little arrogant but not anymore. You just believe in what you are saying and that is okay, I get it!

Take Care,

Robin from MI