We rescued a female mini schanuzer named Courtney. When we first met her, she was the only female mini out of half a dozen rambunctious males all jumping up on us, trying to get attention. She sat quietly in the corner, looking a little sad, as if to say “please take me away from here.” Her original owners got divorced and where each of them went they weren’t allowed to have a dog. So we adopted her. She was a quiet, stately dog. We called her our little Librarian, because she was quiet – except when something wasn’t right. For a small dog, she had a big, deep bark and for our safety, she could put a little snarl in with the bark. She backed-up a few strangers with it, but otherwise, was a joy. In her second year with us, she developed diabetes and we had to give her daily shots. She lasted another 2 years and 3 months and died on Dec. 1, 2006 in the morning. She had lost a lot of weight, but was happy to the end. The last night before she died, we were all together and she sat on our laps and gave us a little lick. She was a quiet and lovely little dog. Reserved her affection for only her pack members, and watched over us as we slept. We miss her very much. This phot deosn’t really do her justice but she knew her picture was bing taken and there’s a glint in her eye.

Pam from OR