I read “Rescuing Sprite” today. About a month ago, I was saying to my wife Suzanne that I would like to read your book during my Christmas break. But we went through very similar circumstances with our Doberman “Conan” about eight years ago. I got cold feet about reading the book, somehow feeling that it would still be emotionally difficult for me to handle. A gift autographed copy of “Sprite” arrived anonymously today for Christmas. I unwrapped it and laid it on the kitchen counter. After walking past it a half dozen times, it kept drawing me back, so I sat down and started reading it. I couldn’t put it down, I completed the entire book in one sitting. I smiled a lot, I cried a lot, I loved it. Both of my dogs were sleeping on their bed beside me the entire time.

We went through incredibly similar circumstances with our “Conan” a few years ago. We now have two rescue dogs, “Midnight” and “Wyatt”. Just like Pepsi, our Midnight was a survivor of the loss of Conan. She grieved along with us and has welcomed a new friend into our house.

Thank you for writing “Rescuing Sprite” and thank you for sharing Sprite with all of us.

Jesse and Suzanne from KS