Dear Mr. Levin,
My name is Robin and I am a 35 yr old avid animal lover. I also have a small pet sitting business that i’ve had for about 12 yrs. The reason i am writing however, has nothing to do with me. My mom was a geriatric nurse in a nursing home for 35 yrs before she retired. There was a patient there who had joined them because he had developed severe alzheimers disease. He no longer recognized his wife or his friends. He was a beloved local fisherman by trade and he and his wife were founders of the Southampton Town animal shelter and long standing board members of Bidawee. They had many dogs through the years but my story is about Cody. They rescued cody from the shelter as a young shy girl and she became a fast friend to them both. After george went into the nursing home his wife (Iris) would bring her everyday to see him and the nurses and residents or the nurding home loved her and looked forward to her daily visits. When george passed away Cody became Iris’ best friend still. I would go to visit iris at home and cody would greet me with a smile even as she grew older. She would hold it longer then one would think possible in order for her mistress iris not to have to walk out on the ice in a storm. She was a a smart girl who, even as an old lady, alerted her mistress to an early morning fire in the neighborhood. She developed kidney failure in her final days. She had a wonderful life with Iris and george and she was a hero. I must say that i am writing because although cody died 2 yrs ago (i was with her when she crossed the rainbow bridge)…iris still cries when she talks about her. She wrote a book about cody soon after her death and she paid for all the publishing and she gives all the proceeds to local shelter and bidawee. Its quite a good story. Iris is an elderly lady who does not have a computer (typewriter all the way!) and she tells me she has read your book and has beeen trying desperately to find an address to send you a copy of her book (because she loves animals and feels you’ll enjoy it). I can tell you she doesnt have any aspirations of finding a publisher to print this book (although I feel its good). Is there anyway you can make an elderly ladies xmas wish come true and provide an address so she can send you a copy of her book to enjoy. copies of her self published book have made it around the world and she is so proud of her cody…thats why she longs for you to have her book. She loves to connect with other animal lovers. The town of Southamptn has started a yearly award program for a here pet. Each year for 2 years now…kids write essays about a hero pet and the winner is chosen and given the “cody” award. Thank you in advance.

Robin from NY