Dear Levin Family,

I doubt my blog will be read, but I’m going to write one anyway. This is for my own heart that still agonizes over the death of my 15 year old golden/lab retriever I had to put down. It was a horrible thing I had to do, I still feel I didn’t have that right, but she suffered just like Sprite.

I bought Mark’s book last weekend while on a celebration trip of 30 years of marraige and walked in a book store in Coronado, CA. The first book that caught my eye was SPRITE… my hell, he looks like my dog Cody.
I couldn’t stop reading it, through tears and all, the story of MY LIFE was your book Mark, I loved it. It has inspired me to write my own story, though it would never be published, I’m not as wonderful and have connections like you do to get my book published.

May Sprite be at the Rainbow Bridge, where he will be there waiting for you one day, waiting to run, play walk and give you doggie kisses again. That’s what gives me comfort, knowing there IS A DOGGIE HEAVEN. I believe that a dog lover is a good person. You are a good person. Best wishes, love Teresa a huge dog lover.
By the way, I mauled and kissed every dog I met while visiting Coronado!

Teresa from UT

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  1. Linda Zappa Says:

    Dear Teresa,
    What a lovely story about Cody. Don’t think for a second that there are not a ton of people reading your post. We all share a common bond, and that is the love for our pets. I too read Mark’s book through so many tears I could not get through the last 20 pages without wiping tears away every paragraph or so.

    :) Linda