Sometimes we still catch a glimpse at the back door & go to let Coco in. She’s been gone 18 months. Truth be known, I could write a dozen rescuing stories… thank you for sharing yours. A dozen of my closest loved ones will be getting a copy for Christmas. I am selfishly keeping the autographed one for myself.

Suzie Q, Puddin’, Lefty, Peanut, Piglet, Shadoweaver, Momma Cat (and litter), Johnnie, Coco-Pop, Lindy, Kermit, Skittie. Each one is a near and dear heart story. (Momma Cat and her litter were ferals; only showed up and stayed while they needed human help.) Eight are gone, though none of them left willingly or easily. Dogs, cats, even (my) bird know when you hurt and don’t ever want to be separated from you.

The bottom line is, critters are excellent judges of character. If you have any, (character, that is) a critter will bring out the best of it. Their ability for and lessons in unconditional love are no less than an earthly extension of the miracle of God. The teach you to deal with and comfort you through unbelievable human tragedy. No matter how much the parting hurts, a kindred spirit will continue to bond with God’s critters. God bless you and yours.

Janet from TX