Today we lost our beloved nearly 13-year old pup, C.J. We have a family contracting business begun by my Dad nearly 60 years ago, and the happiest years have been the last 13 that we’ve had C.J. and his mother and father as “shop dogs”.
In 1994, my Dad (a lover and supporter of shelter dogs like no other) took in two shepherds that had been abandoned in a house near our business. At first, my brothers, who run the business, were concerned about liability and just the hassle of having pets at the office. We have 35 employees and everyone became attached to the dogs immediately. Shortly after Misty and Buddy moved in we realized that Misty was pregnant.


What a delight when, on a very cold January 1995 day, Friday the 13th in fact, ten wonderful puppies were born in a warm cozy shed on our lot. The next several weeks were the best of my career there, with 10 beautiful puppies and their parents to love each day. Because of our connections to the community, the pups were all adopted by great families. My parents’ neighbor, an elderly man, adopted the biggest pup to replace his beloved dog Chuckie who had recently passed. The neighbor realized quickly that he couldn’t handle a puppy, so we welcomed C.J. (Chuckie Jr.) back gladly. We lost Misty soon after but Buddy and C.J. ruled our shop for the next 12 years. All of the grandchildren fell in love with these wonderful family members as well. Buddy passed last winter, at least 14 years old, and this morning his son and our dear, dear shop pup joined him. A wonderful life, indeed, but not nearly long enough. I can’t believe he’s gone.


Tricia from NJ