Thanks in part to your book, and my supportive friends, I gained the courage to let go of my beloved Chloe of 11 years go yesterday.

She was a Giant Schnauzer, and my very best friend with “old girl syndrome” who could barely walk from severe arthritus. For weeks she had been rapidly declining and I had been up all night with her the past two nights watching (and helping) her struggle to get to her feet, only to see her pace, pant and then collapse in another corner. It broke my heart.

In Columbus, Ohio there is a vet by the name of Dr. Jennifer Taylor of “House Calls for Dogs and Cats”. Thanks to her gentle love and kindness, Chloe was able to peacefully pass with her head in my lap in her own home. And was then gently and respectfully taken away to the crematorium. It is without a doubt one of the hardest things I have ever done. For anyone strugglling with this decision, I would like to let your know that this impossible decision for me to call this vet (after 3 tries) became possible with the advice that I call call her and say that “this may just be a regular check up” type of house call. She understood and that was the only way I could finally make that call. That, and my cousin, through her tears, reminding me that after all the joy and love that Chloe had brought to my life, that I owed it to her to not let her suffer. And she was right.
I will never forget my Chloe’s gentle nature, sense of humor, loyalty, and love and joy she gratefully brought to my life. I hope this letter helps someone struggling with this same decision to love their dog enough to let them go if it is their time.
Blessings to you all.

Nancy from OH