I just finished reading Rescuing Sprite. What a wonderful tribute to a loyal friend. I have to tell you that I bught the book because it reminds me of my story. Except my buddies name is not Sprite, but Charlie. We adopted Charlie almost 6 years ago. Even though we went to the shelter to get a puppy for a companion to Bubba our other dog, Charlie is who we picked. Though, I think it’s really Charlie that picked us. To make a long story short Charlie’s real name was Chopin. Regal name for a 6yr old dog that was abused by his previous owner. When our vet met Charlie she got tears in her eyes and said how lucky he was that we adopted him, under the condition he was in, most people would not have. We would be lucky to have 2 yrs at best with him.

Well almost 6 yrs later, he is laying by my feet as I write this. His legs dont hold him as good as they used to (nerve damage from his previous life) and sometimes he forgets where he is. But he is such a good boy. From the moment Charlie came home, he fit in like he was always with us. Bubba taught him to eat raw hides, to beg, to smile and to know that this was and is his home. I know Charlies time with us grows more limited as days, months go by. My prayer is that we will have him at the 6 yr mark. As I want him to have had 6 years of love with us, opposed to his first 6 years spent with someone who didn’t realize what they had. My goal is to write a book about Life with Charlie, who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks. Or should I say, old dogs can teach us new tricks. He is a beautiful soul that has brought so much to me and my family. Thanks Mark for sharing your story, and as I said earlier, I hope one day to share Charlie’s.
Warm Regards

Robbi from WI