Dear mark i am a over the road truckdriver and enjoy yor show very much and it is very educational not to mention eye opening.But many days I have to turn the show off,as it is very hard to drive when there are tears in my eyes. My story is about a very energetic boxer named casey. She belonged to friend who didn’t give her the attention she needed.One day he called me and asked me if I wanted her ,of course i said yes. He told me to have her gone before he got home that day. Iwent to pick her up,she had never been out the front door,when I let her out she ran up and down the street and I couldn’t begin to catch her.I opened the door of my truck and she jumped in. At that time I thought it would be a good time to inform my wife about the additon to our family.She did not share my love for my new dog. My wife vowed she would not let casey in the house or ride in the car with her. But that soon changed as casey could melt the hardest heart and she did on many occasions.She brought so much joy to my life and helped though some very hard times.


When she got sick it was very hard .I knew what needed to be done but my wife said she be better in the spring.But as spring turned in to summer she did not get better. One day i came home and she was out in the yard, she came in the house to greet me as she always did. Little did i know it would be the last time. She colapsed in the floor and couldn’t get up. I knew what I had to do.I took her to the vet,they came out to my truck to get her but I wouldn’t let them . I carried her inside and sat in the kennel with her and cried over her because she had become my best friend. Her last movement was to lick the the tears from my face,I guess it was her way of telling me it was ok.That was the second hardest day of my life,I didn’t lose my dog I lost my best friend and a member of my family. I know have another boxer and a lab. but they don’t compare to casey.


Jim from MO