Through tear-swollen eyes I am attempting to express my thoughts about your book and your wonderful companion, Sprite.
I share your love of Sprite and compare it to my beloved Bubba, a rescued Maltese. Bubba came to my office as a “street stray” at a time when I had two pit bulls that i feared would harm him. I tried desperately not to get close to him or open my heart to him…….but he denied me the choice. We quickly bonded and he became one of the greatest loves and joys in my lifetime.

He developed an auto-immune disease and after examination by a “quack” vet, was basically sent home to die. My son refused to let me accept his fate and referred me to a vet for whom he had once worked. Following his first exam, he was given an immediate transfusion to rebuild his blood………..with proper medication and lots of love and care, he regained full health and his illness went into full remission. He lived another 8 years and was truly a joy to all who came to my office …….a place where he became a fixture. He was first estimated to be 2-3 years old, bu tin reality was probably 6-7. I am sorry for the family who either lost him or put him out but am at the same time grateful that he wandered into my life.

As he aged, his precious loving heart began to slow down and life was becoming a struggle for him. We had determined that the time was close when we would have to make the decision about the quality of life……and if we had the right to play “God”.Neither my husband nor I wanted to be the one to make that decision and we kept putting it off. On his final day, St. Patrick’s Day a few years ago, I was late leaving to go to work…..just couldn’t muster the oomph to move as I usually did………when I put the squirt of perfume on that morning he tried to bark to tell me it was time to take care of business, our last moment together each morning before I left for work. I held him close, though it hurt him to be held due to his aches and pains……….he went outside and after making his slow walk down the sidewalk, looked over his shoulder and all but told me he needed my help to get back inside. As I held him to me, his heart seemed to burst with a thud against my hand…….he tried to rally but I had to tell him it was okay to go and it was time.

He is buried right outside my bedroom window inside a trellis…against city ordinance, I’m sure……but he’s still with me.

Please, Mark, do reconsider Sean’s offer of a new pet at some time……I tried to go without one but the loneliness was too overwhelming to me and our other dog…….get one who does not resemble Sprite as you will be prone to compare the two. Sprite would want you to fill that void!

God bless you…….you’re a great American! I listen to your show each and every day on my way from work……..and havine read your book now feel more like a friend who has shared similar life events.


Margi from TX