Brick, Toby

Mr Levine, Have your Book.
Hard to start this story, I was 8 and my Father wanted a new Austin heally, * mm world on roles of a Bell and Howell on a screen projector!
Well Brick the Boxer was aboutrange to a giraff dragging me all over the yard like a rag doll with a wrist in a leash/ Gone (I got Punished for taking the dog out, with out Mom’s permission) well she Knew I loved the dog so I was allowed to bring it into my room, Brick crapped on the center of my Bed! I was trying to follow rules!
sold 4 days later Dad Came Home!

Toby a mix bread Is now in my Life , and My Pilot Father has moved….. I can’t type the next 2 dogs! all gone never lived with them???
But ANDY BOY CAME AFTER ARNIE . thats the killer!
Love your Book I need to see keys o type 1/1 story!

Argo from GA