I just finished your book. I cried through almost the entire book. I just put to sleep my “baby”, Bobo, in October after trying everything to save him. I have no regrets, as I chose to end his suffering before it got much worse. It didn’t make it any easier and I could relate to so much of what you wrote in your book. It just brought me back…but also helped me so much to realize that my thoughts and feelings weren’t just mine and that they were normal!! Just like you, i didn’t think I was ready, but 3 weeks later I adopted Myles from a foster home. He is awesome. I miss Bobo and will never forget my “first child”, but the happiness and joy I feel for rescuing another dog is indescribable and I know I did the right thing.


Thank you so for writing that book and helping me understand my grieving and that I’m not alone.
I bet Bobo and Sprite are up in heaven having a great time and without the ailments that held them back down here!


Lauren from NJ