Dear Mark,


I received your book “Rescuing Sprite” as a Christmas present in hope that it would help me deal with my recent loss.

Blondie was my best friend. She was a beautiful 9 1/2 yr old Golden Retriever. I had to put her to sleep suddenly on December 4, 2007 when liver and spleen cancer was diagnosed.

She was a survivor in the past years. Blondie lost her buddies Max and Tommy. All Goldens, Max died 5 yrs ago and Tommy died of heart disease at age 5, three years ago. It was the same week my husband of 28 years left me for another woman.

Blondie and I were together through it all. She became the mayor of my neighborhood. Everybody loved her and she loved to be loved. Her legacy is that she helped me meet so many wonderful people because of her insistance of sitting on the side walk and making anyone going by pat her first. Then with tail wagging we could go on our way.

My house is empty for the first time in my life. I have a tremendous void especially walking through the door coming in from work.

I just received Blondie’s ashes before Christmas. Holding them is surreal in a beautiful cherry box.

I thank your for letting me just write this note.
It will take me a few weeks to read your book. I took one look at the cover and started to cry. I wanted however the opportunity to express my love for Blondie.

I love you Blondie. I want the world to know it. You were my very best friend. My Blondo girl, my beauty queen. Thank you for taking care of me. I love you with all my heart.


Kathleen from NJ

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  1. Rob Says:


    Read your story and I too have started reading the book and havent finished it as I dont think I can get through it. I lost my 4 yr old lab Harley Sept 12. She had some seizures and died in my arms. Minutes earlier we were playing catch with her ball. I moved to Colorado 4 months ago with my wife after 50 years in Nebraska. harley was with me in April working on a job and whenever we mentioned to harley we were moving to Colorado she got so excited. She made it to Colorado, to the mountians and lived 3 weeks in her new home. I miss her every day and have her ashes on my desk at home. Im working away from home again in Nebraska of all places as my job requires traveling but Harleys pictures are all around me and her photo is on my phone. Sorry to go on and on but felt the need.