I hope this will quest any fears that anyone has if there is a heaven for animals.My poodle that we have had years was ill.Benji had a tumor on his face.My baby could eat on one side of his mouth.Benji was more like a part of the family.He played hide-seek with my niece and nephew and would be protected of my mother that is in a wheelchair,he was part ofthe family.Benji pain was intense I would get up many times a night to take him . Of course he would sleep with me. He can’t eat at all now, getting up at 3’00 am was no problem.if that helped Benji . I realized I couldn’t let him suffer .a family decsion was made what had to be done.But first prayed over Benji and gave him back to God.It was the hardest thing inthe world to do but I knew that we had to put him to sleep.I was devasted and so was family.The next day I had an appointment with vet.We hugged and told Benji we loved him and that if there was a heaven for animals I would see him there.I think to this day he knew that we tried everything in our power to help him.

The next morning as we waited at vets with myBenji in arms and tears running down my face we waited for our names to be called .It was finally here the time that I dreaded the vet called us to the back Benji looked up at me with his dark eyes so sad.The vet asked if I was ready…It took a matter of minutes to put an end to his suffering .My vet said he would make the finall arrangments.So I went home the house was so queit except for my mother crying ..i TRIED to keep from thinking of him but I would find a toy or something.It was finally time to go to bed ..I finally feel asleep when something burst in my room it was Benji so alive and so happy like when was a puppy so much energy he was glistening white like when I gave him a bath.Of course he wanted in bed with me so I put him up.an went back to bed ..My baby was ok…The next morning MOM woke me up for work .I asked about Benji …Don’t you rember we had to put him to sleep..I told what happend with Benji.That was Benji letting know he loved me and forgave me and that he is happy ..Yes there a animal heavean.GOD BLESS

Kathy from OH

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  1. Mike Farmer Says:

    Dear Kathy,

    12/7/07 5:13p. I just read your story about Benji. I’m hoping that one day I’ll have a dream like that about my Paco (like “taco”). He had cancer too and we had to give him back to God on 11/19/06. He was one month short of his 19th birthday. Thank you for the reminder of animal heaven. Happy holidays to you and yours.