I feel compelled to write after just finishing reading Rescuing Sprite. I had to put one of my pets – Bailey – to sleep after he began suffering from kidney failure. He was quickly going down hill, and losing weight. He was getting weaker by the day. One afternoon, he tried to jump up on our couch. He only made it about halfway up, and fell back down onto the floor and just laid there exhausted. My heart started breaking and I knew it was time. I took him to the Veteranarian’s office, and as soon as the Dr. looked at him, he agreed with me that it was time. I stayed with him in the examination room and held him for a few more minutes.


When I finally nodded for the Dr. to go ahead, she administered the injection, and Bailey raised his head in my direction, looked at me with a most peaceful, relaxed look in his eyes, as if to say ‘thank you.’ He’s now resting peacefully. It was not at all like what I expected. It was the most humane thing I have ever done. It was very peaceful, and I am thankful I went with him into the examination room to be with him in his last moments with us. He is sorely missed. I certainly hope an extra measure of comfort comes the way of all those who are grieving the loss of their animals this Holiday Season.


Mike from TN