My precious Minature Schnauzer is 12 1/2 years old, so as I sobbed over your loss, Mark, of Sprite, I sobbed over the inevitable loss of my own Ashes so named because she is the color of ashes. She has three legs and four teeth and loves me beyond measure. I am retiring after teaching for 37 years, and at least I’ll be able to spend quality time with Ashes until she leaves this world. I bought your book at Kroger this afternoon and after I started it, I didn’t put it down til I finished it. I ponder what the history of the world or at least personal stories by people through history would be like without dogs. It would definitely be our loss.
I’d love to read the story of Sprite written by Sprite and Pepsi! I bet their perspective would be even more touching! Hugs to Pepsi!

June from MS