Mr. Levin,
Thank you for the opportunity to share our story and for writing such a beautiful book.

At the age of 9, Argus our beloved, retired greyhound was diagnosed in May with multiple myeloma and received a new drug therapy as part of a clinical trial at Colorado State University Veterinary Cancer Center. Argus was enjoying life, his cancer was in remission and we were looking forward to many more months of good health. He was even back to romping in the yard with our other greyhound, Meerkat.

Mid-October Argus’ cancer came back and we decided to try traditional chemotherapy since the promising experimental drug had apparently failed after three months of remission. The cancer seemed to come back stronger than ever, the drugs were not working and so early on morning of November 9th we let Argus cross the Bridge to be at peace and pain free.


You always second guess yourself and wonder if you’ve made the right decision when you ease your beloved pets to whatever lies ahead. My vet at CSU offered this insight as she comforted me and Argus; she said “I’ve never had an owner tell me they made the decision too soon, but have had many tell me they waited too long.”

Almost prophetically, the night before I was listening to your show and you were fielding calls about your newly released book “Rescuing Sprite.” I found comfort in your words and that of many of your listeners.

To my sweet boy Argus, you will live forever in my heart and your legacy will be one of strength, courage and a true zest for life. You did not just give love, you are love.

To honor Argus, we recently adopted another greyhound.


Roxanne from CO