Dear Mark-

I just finished reading your book and your love of Sprite and your grieving over his loss are clearly evident.
Last June, we lost our Golden Retriever, Annie, to cancer after 13 wonderful years. The experiences you describe that you and your family had with Sprite brought back so many great memories for me. Annie was another family member with just more hair. After she was gone, we also had trouble parting with her pillows, toys, leashes and dog dishes. We still are careful to look to make sure we step over her her, because she would always sleep at our feet or beside our bed.

Making the decision to put her to sleep was the hardest decision my wife and I ever had to make. We both knew she was very sick and we were doing it for her, but driving her to the vet’s office that day was emotionally devastating–the feeling of terrible guilt about taking our loyal friend to be euthanized and then the permanent loss and void in our lives that we still feel today.

When we told our five-year old granddaughter that Annie had died, she said she is a “doggy-angel now in Heaven.” Sometimes children can say the most comforting things.

God bless you, Mark, for writing this book and God bless Sprite and Annie.

John from CA