Andy & Zeusie

Dear Mark: I have just now finished your book, “Rescuing Sprite” and I just loved it. You are my kind of people. My husband and I have adopted three little cocker spaniels that were rescue dogs. First was Andy, who we had to put to sleep fifteen years ago and it broke our hearts. He was such a cute and sweet little guy, I still think of him. Next came another Andy who had wandered into our neighbors yard, they were calling him Andy and I knew it was an omen, we had to have him. He is still with us and is now almost 17 years old, we keep thinking he may be on his last leg, but then he surprises us and keeps right on going strong. We adopted Zeusie from a rescue in Maryland six years ago and he is so special in every way. He is my little “boyfriend” – always giving me kisses. I really like the fact that your family adopts dogs who need homes, we will always do this because so many doggies need a home and love, good vet care and good food. I’m passing your book to a dog loving friend of mine, she’ll love it. Thanks for writing it, I understand completely your sorrow at losing Sprite, but as a dog rescuer once told me, the best way to honor your deceased pet is to bring another needy dog into your home and love it.

Teresa from DE