While I’ve never been an animal lover, inspired by friends, family and by Mark’s show, I decided to adopt my first dog or cat. With my schedule, I didn’t feel I could give the time to a dog that he/she would need, so I decided on a cat. This past Saturday, I adopted a 10-12 week old Russian Blue cat whom I’ve named Anastasia. She is the only survivor of her litter, all of whom were found starving and abandoned when they were brought to the cat rescue. While she is very shy and hides most of the time (she’s just getting used to her new home), but she still likes to come out to be petted and to play.


For a cat who has had such a hard life so far, she’s very lovable, gentle and playful and I look forward to 15-20 years of spoiling her. I used to listen to stories of the difficulty people had in losing a pet and thought it was ridiculous that grown adults should mourn over the loss of an animal. But after being a “daddy” to a little kitten for just a couple of days, I now understand. She’s already becoming an important part of my life and I know I would already miss her. I look forward to building a long friendship with her. Thank to everyone for your wonderful and moving stories. I know I’ve been touched by them.


Frank from MI