Amber & Lilly

Hello!!! I just finished the book Rescuing Sprite. It was such a sweet story, both heartwarming and heartbreaking. You are so brave to have gone through that all with a dog you are so close to. I know how you must have felt. I have two dogs who I am very close to. Amber is my nine-year-old Golden Retriever who has lived with us since I was one year old. She is still very healthy and shares many of Sprite and Pepsi’s interests and antics. Lilly, my six-month-old black lab puppy, is crazy and sweet. She loves walks, treats, food, and attention, like all dogs. Mark, I share your love of dogs and understand your sadness. But I am so happy you wrote the book. Best wishes to your family this winter (and that definitley includes dogs!).

Julia from VT