All Of Our Dogs…

Dogs have always been a big part of my wife’s and my life. We have seven dogs of our own, and have been a foster home for numberous rescue groups, as well as taking in rescues ourselves. But, rescuing can be very stressful emotionally to see the condition of some of the dogs that have come into our house, and to know the stories of these dogs. We have lost a rescue here and there that were just too far gone for us to save, though we tried everything we could. We have rescued dogs that were strays wondering around, dogs that were confiscated from drug houses and abused, dogs left tied to a tree in a back yard after the dog’s owners moved away. We have seen cruelty against animals that just seems to have no ends. If you would like to see the dogs that we have fostered, and helped to find them homes, you can visit http://www.goldenretrievernut.us/ and go to the top of the page to the drop down box called foster friends. Our new website for our kennel is http://www.flatcoat.net/
The picture is of our seven. If you go to both websites, you’ll notice that Taylor was one of our foster dogs that we couldn’t bear to let leave.

Kevin from SC


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  1. Maddie Seele Says:

    What a bunch of handsome dogs! Love that pic!