A Love for Dogs

Mark, I listen to you every night and I enjoy your show. We adopted a dog from the pound in Florida 10 years ago. He is the love of our life. I know we don’t have many more years with him so we enjoy what we have now. Walks and taking him with us everywhere we go.

Keep well and will be listening to every night.

Darlene from TN

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  1. Carole La Duca Says:

    My husband suffered two serious strokes during the summer of 2006. He lost his vision along with much of his memory and he cannot work again. In May of 2007 I rescued a bichon as a therapy dog. My husband calls her his heart attack dog although he never suffered a heart attack. I read to my husband Rescuing Sprite. I wish I had an audiocopy of it so he could listen to it. Two weeks ago my husband suffered a grand seizure and another stroke. The seizure happened only a few minutes after I had just talked to him. I called 911 and they came immediately. I could not go in the ambulance but when I arrived they told me to prepare for the worst. After a few minutes waiting, the emergency doctor cmae out of the emergency room to ask who Maggie was. Maggie was the only word he could speak. When I told the doctor that Maggie was a dog he asked me to immediately go home and get the dog. I drove home quickly got the dog and went back into the emergency room with the dog. My husband was in and out of a seizure not speaking. I put Maggie down on the hospital bed. She walked to his pillow, licked his head and layed down with him. He smiled and held on tightly to the dog for more than an hour. My husband survived the seizure and has had brain surgery to remove a mass. Maggie helped bring him out of the seizure and visited with him many times in the hospital. The dog is not registered as a therapy dog yet but the hospital was understanding and cared and realized the power of little Maggie.