A fellow dog lover in Pittsburgh

I am going through now what Mr. Levin experienced when Sprite was living his last days. I have been fiercely struggling over the last few weeks with the decision about putting down my 15-year-old lab. The thoughts that Mr. Levin shared today—well, it was as if he was reading my own mind and heart. I am feeling guilt and fear like I never thought possible, and hearing Mr. Levin’s story gave me some strength and courage. After a long cry alone in my car, I came back to the office and made that first dreaded phone call to the vet.

I rarely leave my office on my lunch hour, nor at the particular time I was out, and I don’t always listen to that radio station. It was as if the Universe put me in the car at that precise moment for a reason.

I have every intention of reading “Rescuing Sprite”, although I’m probably not strong enough at this moment. I’m sure it will be some comfort to me after my wonderful friend Cookie has left this world.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story, Mr. Levin. I admire your strength and compassion.

Beth from PA