A Difficult Day

Oh Mark when I heard you on the John Gambling show there other day I was stopped in my tracks when you shared – about today – Dec 7th. You see it’s my birthday. When I was about 8 of 9 I woke up to a Happy Birthday – right – wrong – my parents were very concerned – there was an ambluence across the street and it turned out our neighbor died – a complete shock to all. She was a dear friend of my mother’s. At 52 – that is still vivid in my mind on each birthday and now Sprite will be too.

I bought 2 copies of your book about the day it came out – gave one to a close friend but I just can’t get too far on mine. My dogs are both getting up there in age and that time will come all too soon enough and then I will have time to read it but for now I will just spend the time with them making their time with me as happy as I can make it – as happy as they make it for me. I’ll be thinking of you today – Dec 7 – with many memories for so many people for so many different reasons. Today will be hard for you – Sergei, Katie and I will keep you in our prayers. (those dogs are good at prayers I’ve found)


Mark from NY