Zeus and Tasha

I just finished reading Rescuing Sprite and the tears are still rolling down my cheeks. I was so apprehensive about reading the book because of family lost two of our belove family members within 5 months of each other. But we thankful ever day for the time we had with them and that we still have Archie. Tasha, who looks alot like Sprite and had fur softer than a rabbit succombed to cancer in January and Zeus, my best friend died suddenly in May 2007. They both became gravely ill suddenly and we didn’t have time to even comtemplate our decision, they both made it for us. I am so grateful for that because I don’t know if I could have made the right decision, our heavy hearts would have gotten in the way. We were with both of them in the end and it was heart wrenching to say goodbye. To this day, I cry when I think of them.

I didn’t want to relive the pain (although I feel it each day) it was actually therapeutic to know that so many other people feel as we do. I will never ever forget the love and smilles and joy and tribulatiions (late nights with Skunks) Zeus and Tasha brought to our lives for over 11 years and I thank you for writing a book that expressed our feelings completely. A lot of people do not understand the unconditional love that a dog gives and the extreme pain that comes when they are gone. The pain has easied with time but I will also have an a hole in my heart forever. I know that someday we will all meet again on the Rainbow Bridge. God bless you and your family. You have all expressed what the rest of us feel but have not been able to put in to words.

BEcky from Maine