It is with great sadness that I write this story.

Less than 24 hours after watching Mr. Levin discuss the story of his beautiful dog on Hannity & Colmes, I have found out that my (and my brothers) dog, Yukon, has passed away.

Yukon was the friendliest dog I have ever known. Born in July 1999, Yukon (a beautiful Siberian Husky) lived almost 8 1/2 years that brought our family so much joy.

In 2002, 3 years after we adopted Yukon, my wife developed terrible allergies. That, and along with a transfer to the city of Chicago, it was with deep sadness that we had to find a home for Yukon. Luckily for us (and for Yukon) my brother and his family agreed to take him in. Which, to the delight of all, kept Yukon in the family.

Yukon touched the lives of everyone he came in contact with. Years after my brother took him in, Yukon was more than excited to see me. Today, two families are mourning the loss of their dog and friend, Yukon.

See ya buddy…You will be missed.

DAvid from MI