We have been saving Yorkies for twenty years. The most memorable was Zeus. Oweners had tried to make him an outside dog and only feeding him once a day and never letting him inside. When he came home with is hecould not do stairs, play ball, he was a zero. Within six months with us and our female Molly he developed a personality that was fantastic. Say road trip and he headed for the door, say trains and he took off for the model train room and chased trains around the whole layout. Molly had to go at 14 and Zeus at 12. They are both buried in our yard(in the country) and every time I drive by on the mower I start bawling like a baby , We now have Delila, a cairn, and Daisy a Wheaten. Both rscues and both mistreated. They also are the sweetest little people in the world. I would love to read your book but I know I would be inable to. I had three tours in Vietnam and wxperienced a bunch of death in all forms. Nothing compares to the heartache of saying goodby to your baby.

Bruce from GA