Mark: More than likely, due to the vast numbers of dog lovers out there who have read your latest book, my post will get lost. No matter. It is comforting to me to just write a fellow member of this wonderful “club” of people who treat their dogs as members of their family. Two years ago I had to let my minature Schnauzer, Harley, go. I have never taken on a more difficult or sorrow filled task. Harley was with me for 12 years and even now, I find myself crying at night, a time when most of us have our guards down. I have been embarrassed to admit that I had a harder time with her death than that of my brother’s several years ago. I just wanted to share something with you that a wise lady told me after the death of Harley. She told me to talk to her – out loud. And so I did – and I do. It has helped….some. The memories of our “furry children” stay with us forever and they become a part of our soul. I had thoughts of not getting another dog after this loss, but a friend of mine said, “why would you deny any dog the kind of love you have to give them?” And so, Wrigley, who was on “death row” for being a “biter” has found a permanent place in our home and hearts. After a few months of love, security and regular meals, Wrigley has become a “love machine”…..and once again my husband and I find ourselves in the throes of exquisite joy and abounding love…daily. We wouldn’t have it any other way. I loved your book. You can tell Sprite hello for me…when you next talk with him. I’m happy to introduce you to the new love in my life, Wrigley, whose photo is attached.

Vicky from GA