Wolf and Trot

Over the years we have had many dogs and have loved them all.
We have two dogs,Wolf a 9 year old Norwegian Elkhound and Trot a 3 year old Australian Shepard.
Wolf is silver and black and looks much like a wolf.
He was a birthday gift from my husband,knowing how much I loved dogs and it had been awhile since we had a dog.
Wolf was and is the perfect gift.My husband also thought it would help me go the through the grieving process after the death of my Mom and sister,who died within a year of each other.
It was still hard but Wolf made it easier.
My Mom especially would have loved him too.
I have a fondness for wolves and when I saw him I knew what his name would be and I just had to bring him home.
He was so cute and looked like a wolf puppy,silver and black.
He was 11 weeks old.
He is a very smart, sweet dog and a great friend.
Trot is a small blue merle
Aussie.We got him when he was 9 weeks old.
He was the cutest puppy so soft and fluffy,with one marble eye (blue and brown) and the other brown.
He too is very sweet. Loves to play,can run like the wind.He is so smart and seems to understand so many words.
Wolf and Trot have had a love/hate relationship but really get along fine.
Our two daughters, Jennifer and Erin, are grown-up so the dogs help fill the void an empty nest can give.
We have 2 great son in – laws,Simon and Mark, and 2 beautiful grandsons.
We are all dog lovers including our 2 and a half year old grandson,Michael and I’m sure his nearly 2 week old brother,James, will be too.
I could go and on about dog stories from my life as an child and an adult but that would take up too much space.

Thank-you,Mark, for the beautiful story about the dogs in your life.

Karen from CT