Dear Mark-

First I would like to say, that me and my husband love your radio show. You are truly the BEST!

October 12, 2004 Winnie was her name. The black, small and cuties it could be the persian cat. She was a princess in our house. I have her for 8 yrs till one day she got very sick. It was a stomach cancer. I could not believe at first when vet told us, but deep inside my hart I knew she will be just fine and live with us for a long time. We have comfort her with our passion and love. She was letting me know that is her time. I could not face it at all, I was very sad and hurt inside that I have to put her to rest. October 12, 2004 sunny afternoon I heard voices from the bathroom. I ran as fast is I could and I saw Winnie laying down on her blanket not moving at all. She was looking at me with her big yellow eyes and I broke in tears and whisper “I can’t do this”- holding her in my arms. That was a day that we had to say, Good-Bye”. I will never forget that sad and emotional moment in my life of my precious Winnie. Pet’s Love Us unconditionally, soften our lives with sweetness and affection. Week after Winnie was gone I was very depressed and sad, so we decided to go to SPCA and adopt another kitty. And there she was 3 months old “Pixie” is her name. Looking at us with her sparkle cute eyes- please take me home. Pixie is 3 yrs old now and doing just wonderful :-) She is a big part of our live’s!

Mark-We are so sorry about your loss of Sprite. I know he was a very special dog to you and your family. He was a very beautiful dog too and had a Wonderful Owner!

I can’t wait to read your book. Looking forward.

-Monika from Texas