My dog was a wonderful Dalmation named Waldo. He came to us by way of a divorce and my husband and I fell in love immediately. His original name was Baron and we are a simple family and the name Waldo just fit him. We live in Suburbia and Waldo was the master of his domain. Years passed and Waldo started to limp and then barely walked at all and then stopped walking altogether. We found a wonderful Veterinary Hospital that specialized in saving the unsaveable. Well, we brought him to the hospital and the operation took many hours..he died on the operating table..but they revived him and the fee for this operation was as big as the year 1,900 plus and this was 25 years ago. We were told this may come back and we were so in love and so happy to have him back we never gave “some day” a thought. But 2/3 years passed and it all started again. i would carry him to work with me. My husband would shower with him. We have him acupuncture. Hydrotherpy anything not to have him put down. We fed him loved him and found someone else to help from the University of Pennsylvania. This time the operation failed and he never walked again. We were all devistated and our own vet fell in love with Waldo and called us and gave us pain medicine and anything to help our treasure. In the summer by July it was evident that nothing was going to help and we had to put him down. That day was the most horried day of my life.

There is never a day that goes by that I don’t smile and remember him. That winter I was in Bloomingdales and was waving to a friend in the store. It was cold and I waved my hand and WAVED AWAY my diamond ring and wedding band. I never cried or give it the thoughts that I do my beloved Waldo. I think of him and cry. My family and I know full well what you are experiencing and would like to say ..”it takes time” but my heart will always belong to Waldo.

Iris from NY