Mr Levin, My story is way to long to fit here but I wanted to write & say everything you are feeling has been felt by all those that love our dogs cats and bird etc. In making the choice to help them leave for heaven it is never easy & second guessing is part of the pain but it is something that must be done as a natural death is often painful and frightening. We must as you did put yourself second and help them to leave their body that had become too old and sick to carry their spirit anylonger. When one of my dogs was sick with cancer and there was nol onger anyway to keep him pain free a women I met at the vets office told me “A day too soon is better than a day too late” I am going to read your book even tbough I know it will bring me pain.

After my basset Vinnie 15.5 yrs was gone I went to basset rescue to help with the thousands of bassets in foster care and shelters(I love all dogs but Vinnie hold a special place in my heart he was a cancer survivor) Well at that time I discovered a site dedicated to basset lovers and their rescue. If you want to warm your heart in knowing a group of dedicated dog basset people that love as much as you check out www. dailydrool.com. They are an amazing group foster bassets in need Many are seniors. that no one else will take the responsibility . Two senior groups are located at BROOD and there is another angel of a women who runs House of Puddles. they both have web sites that you can also visit. I would love to speak to you if you ever need someone to talk to that understands your pain . Don’t worry I’m not a crazy person, I have a 25 yr old son and a husband. Also I’m a consevative.

I hope your heart will heal and you will be left with only comforting memories of Sprite. When I speak to God I will ask him to help you and inquire about Sprite. I am however quite sure that he is having a wonderful time with all his new friends. There is always plenty of food and soft places for the dogs to sleep.

Best Regards
Judith from NY