Vinnie, Luci, Sally and Stella

Dear Mark.,
The picture of Sprite says it all!! It’s all in his eyes!! What a loveable Dog!

I have 4 Pit Bulls that I could not live without! They are the most wonderful, gentle dogs imaginable ! Because of their Breed the city in which we live in has tried to take them away and have them put down!! Also we have had to pay literally thousands of dollars on boarding and legal fees to defend their rights This included re-mortgaging our home to pay for their defense!! Also having to rent an additional home in another nearby city that allows “Pit Bull”s”. We have had to Hide the dogs many times from the police to save them.It’s not fair ..these dogs get a BAD RAP…It is how a Dog is raised that makes ALL OF THE DIFFERENCE.!!
I would do it all over again for my Vinnie, Luci, Sally and Stella. I love these dogs more than anything or anyone!! IIn the past I have cried more over the loss of my dogs then people I know!!REMEMBER DOG SPELLED BACKWARDS IS GOD!! God Bless You and your beautiful Dogs!!

Pat from Michigan