I have listened to all the stories on the radio this past week ans i never in my wildest dreams thought this would happen to us. videl, my sons pup;4 years old and i still called her a pup, any way my son called me wedneday night to see if i could xray videl because she became bloated. i work mobile xray and when i got home we xrayed her and seen a blockage in her lower gi tract. assumed maybe something she ate. watched her all night,she could not deficate or urinate. she was worse by morning. thatnight my wife who is a nurse and my son gave her an enema and a laxative to move the blockage. we kept food away and just gave her water in hopes the blockage would move. thursday we took her to our vet, he is gone until the 13th. the substitute doc sent us to specialists.

they reviewed everything and she needed surgery to repair a bowel perferation. she had been like this for a couple of days, but she showed no outward signs of being sick. every night when i come home both dogs are jumping at the door wanting fed and to play; as i did every night. the price of the surgery was around 3k dollars and i could only get 500 dollars in credit to pay for her surgery. they don’t take payments which i would be good for. so instead my son had to make the decision to put her to sleep…hell, be real we had to kill our dog because we couldn’t afford to save her. my son is devistated, i am so pissed that i hate the world right now. every time i pass the back door she’s not there and all the cats and cera, our other pup are really upset. i just need to make sense of this as to why all of a sudden she gets sick. sunday i was running away from the backflush hose of our pool, now she’s dead. i don’t get it mark.

Michael from AZ