We slso had to put down our Shar-pei dog Velvet in March 2007. She was 15 and a half. It was the hardest thing we have ever done. We took her to the vet Monday morning but could not do it. That evening she was screaming with pain and we call the vet at home and we cried a lot. I still cry and have a picture album. I usually cooked her food but I was gone for a week in March and my wife had to feed her canned food. That was the time the poisoned dog food was discovered. I think that may have contributed to her death but will never know. She was the love of our life and I have ordered two book. I am sure I will have many tears but will enjoy the memories.

James from Missouri

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  1. Bill Wentworth Says:

    We lost our Hunny a month or two before you lost Velvet. These are truly wonderful animals. You had 5 years more with your Velvet, as Hunny was just 10. We really miss her. What a loyal and ever-vigilant protector of her home. Hunny’s nickname was Queenie. She would remind us of a Queen as she walked the house, sunned in her favorite place and surveyed her domain.
    Velvet sas a good name for your friend, this is exactly how their fur felt.
    God bless,
    Bill – Indianapolis