Hi Mark, My wife and I got a free a dog that was suppose to be a Cocker but after driving an hour we found that the dog was a Lab, Terrier,and God knows what else. He was twelve weeks old and we named him Buster and had him house trained in a week,Buster was a very smart dog. He just looked like a Buster. Well after 14 yrs. Buster got very sick.I t just happened so fast. We had to put our Buster down. This was my first time. As I held Buster my heart was being ripped from my chest when I felt him slip away. I burst into tears along with my wife. Then we started to watch my sister’s dog when they had to go out of town.His name was Tyler. This was about 8 months after Buster left us. It was in the fall when Tyler got very sick.He had a liver problem but he was doing fine. I rushed him to the same hospital.Tyler was dieing. I called my sister in Michigan. We had to put him down.I had to put down someone else’s dog.Two dogs in a matter of just a few months.It was a bad year for me.And someone else’s dog to boot.Four yars later we got a Chocolate Lab. His name is Rocky James. And is smart as a whip.I love dog’s and will always have one.We are thinking of getting another one,a yellow Lab maybe. Keep doing a great job Mark. If your ever in Cincinnati look me up and my wife and I would love to have you over for a home cooked meal while your on the road. God Bless and Power to the true Americans.

Joe from Ohio