Two Shelter Hounds

Dear Dr. Levin: I’m very sorry for your loss. When the Oklahoma City bombing tragedy was unfolding, I recall seeing an amazing story on TV. Forgive me that I can’t remember the name of the Rescue Worker, but dogs were brought in to search and recover. There was one black Lab in particular who became so emotionally depressed after finding body after body, that the Rescue Workers had to “plant” live people for him to “find alive” to lighten his load. The Rescue Worker cried recounting it. Him and his dog, they lived through that horror together, and what a special, special dog that is.

And let’s not forget “Rosie”, the guide dog who took her blind owner to safety from one of the Towers on 09/11. Other people whose lives were in immediate peril let them pass. Let the world say what they will about about New Yorkers. We know better.

Did you ever read ‘From Baghad With Love’, the book about the Marines that found an abandoned puppy in Fallujah? A must read.
Excerpt: “When Marines enter an abandoned house in Fallujah, Iraq, and hear a suspicious noise, they clench their weapons, edge around the corner, and prepare to open fire.

What they find during the U.S. led attack on the “most dangerous city on Earth,” however, is not an insurgent bent on revenge, but a tiny puppy left behind when most of the city’s population fled before the bombing. Despite military law that forbids the keeping of pets, the Marines de-flea the pup with kerosene, de-worm him with chewing tobacco, and fill him up on Meals Ready to Eat.

Thus begins the dramatic rescue attempt of a dog named Lava and Lava’s rescue of at least one Marine, Lieutenant Colonel Jay Kopelman, from the emotional ravages of war.

From hardened Marines to war-time journalists to endangered Iraqi citizens, ‘From Baghdad, With Love’ tells an unforgettable true story of an unlikely band of heroes who learn unexpected lessons about life, death, and war from a mangy little flea-ridden refugee.”

It’s amazing.

Jenel from NY